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If you have data for us that is too big to email then we provide our clients with FTP access. A user name and password are required, so if you do not have an FTP account and would like one please let us know using the contact us link. If you already have an accout the following is a guide on FTP.

FTP Client
In order to use your EDI FTP account you need an FTP client. There are many free FTP clients available which can be found using google. We prefer Filezilla and this is what we use in our example.

Three pieces of information are necessary to FTP into EDI, the host (ftp.exdvpinc.com), the username (In this case pbygott) and the password. It is not necessary to pick a port (FTP by default is 21). Once this is completed click quickconnect.
In the left pane you will see files and folders local to your machine and will navigate them to find the file you want to upload. In the right pane you will see files in your FTP directory. There are two ways to upload, you can either drag and drop the file into the right pane, or right click on it and select upload. When the upload is complete you will see your file in the right pane (Click image for a bigger view). When you are finished you can close filezilla down. It should not be necessary to input your username and password again as your details will be stored on the quickconnect tab and can be accessed by clicking the drop down arrow. By clicking pbygott@ftp.exdvp.com I would be signed in to my FTP account.